Designing And Product Management

A design is an artistic, logical, artistic or technical plan for the arrangement of an element or parts or for an action or process, or the end result of which plan or specifications in the form of a model, product or implement. The word design originally denoted a particular art in the Roman Catholic Church and meant a sacred thing. In design the word design comes from the Greek word dikta, which means “to mold”. Design in its widest sense can be seen in art, where form is used to express something that may not physically exist. In this sense design has more than just meaning in relation to architecture.


There are many good designers, but there are also many bad designers. A good designer can do amazing things, but only a bad designer will do a poor job and produce an unsatisfying product. Bad designers do not just make things that look good; they usually do not take the time to properly think about what the final product should do. Poor product development often results in products that are not functional, do not match customer needs and can even damage or destroy the reputation of the company or cause it to go out of business. Poor design can even result in injury or even death.

Designing and product management is a field that has a number of different subsets. It is sometimes called field of vision, because a designer who makes a product can visualize exactly what the product should look like before it has been designed. Visualizing a product is not the same as designing it, but understanding the importance of vision and what visual designers need to know about product management can be useful when you are working with a designer who is not only talented but also knowledgeable.