Facts About newspaper

On this page you will find some fun facts about newspaper. There are many newspapers out there but only few that can be called news papers. It’s a fact that different newspapers have different ways of presenting news and giving it to their readers. A newspaper is a newspaper that is published by a company and distributed to a specified geographical area or population on a specific day. These papers also have news sections where in them report the happenings in the country, city, state or other region on the given date.

news paper

In this form of newspaper, share the various probable acronym, abbreviation, full name or slang word of whatever the word that was thought of by the writer while writing the news story. The full form ofNEWS PAPER is news. This is a newspaper that contains interesting features on current affairs, politics, arts, sports, film, music, business, education, travel, health, beauty and gardening. All these categories make up news paper. Generally newspapers have daily or weekly edition.

Today, this form of paper has been given a new look by the glossy magazines. Initially newspaper used to be published by the free press but now almost every major newspaper or magazine has taken it up as their magazine of choice. The reason being that they would like to have some unique feature in it which will attract the reader. Newspaper has come a long way since its early days.