Pre-Departure Test For International Travel

Travel is the transfer of individuals between different geographical locations. Travel can be to places where people live, work, or study, and is one way or an alternate route to get from one place to another. With some traveling, there is a planned itinerary of how the traveler will get to his destination or the destinations he intends to visit. There are also those that go out-of-way purposely to see new places and scenes that will give them new perspectives of what they want to see or experience.


For international travel, PECR exam scores are important in order for customs officials to determine the nationality of travelers arriving into the country. A positive PECR score will enable customs officials to properly verify the true identity of the traveler and if necessary, to deny entry into the country. Each traveler arriving into the country must pass through a visa inspection. A visa is required for both entering the country as well as for traveling abroad.

The PECR exam is conducted every year and those who wish to take it can find out the dates and study materials available online. Students interested in studying for this exam should check if their school offer any part-time, online or offline study programs and enroll themselves as student for travel preparation. Part-time students can study while they are staying at home while students residing away from home can opt for an online travel program that lets them study while they travel. Travelers must complete their PECR test no less than two months before they plan to leave for their travel.