The Best Paper in Every Country

A popularly read newspaper. The name news paper is derived from the fact that most newspapers were published in small communities throughout the vast Northern United States. In the early days, the most popular form of news was the town paper that circulated throughout a given community. Newspapers bearing that name were commonly circulated throughout the northern United States during the early days and early middle ages. In the early 1950s, with the invention of large printing machines and the introduction of cheaper paper stocks, a single big sheet could be folded multiple times and formed into a single eight-page newspaper with fewer pages. Today, almost all metropolitan areas in the US have a major newspaper circulating to homes and businesses on a daily basis.

Canada has developed a strong tradition in publishing a popular and well-read newspaper. Canadian newspapers are widely available to individuals in homes and businesses in the rural communities as well as in larger cities. A new Canadian newspaper, the Toronto Sun, has been continuously offering well-thought out and informative news content since its inception in 1985. Today, the Toronto Sun is recognized as one of the most respected and widely read papers in Canada. Although the city of Toronto has traditionally had the largest circulation of Canadian newspapers in the country, the availability of Canadian newsprint in smaller communities has made for a new breed of smaller newspapers.

Newsprint from the United Kingdom has been available to citizens of the UK since the Middle Ages. Because of England’s colonial influence on the world economy, British newspapers continue to be among the most widely read newspaper in the world. The Financial Times in London and the Wall Street Journal in New York regularly attract hundreds of thousands of readers each day. The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal are considered as “the best of the best” in the business news industry. The Financial Times website boasts nearly six hundred thousand readers monthly. The Journal has more than four hundred thousand readers in its online platform.