Marketing Myopia

Marketing describes the act of making an effort to engage with your target audience, develop relationships with other people who have an interest in the things that you are selling, and create value so as to acquire something back in return for having made the effort. It is the activity or process of bringing together people who have an interest in a product, an idea, or an industry so as to enhance the likelihood of bringing about a profit. Marketing is considered to be one of the most important activities of contemporary business because it is what drives sales. Marketing strategies can either come in the form of direct marketing or indirect marketing. Direct marketing, as the name indicates, refers to actions whereby you advertise your product to potential buyers directly.

When you sell something through the means of the internet, you are engaging in marketing because the medium enables you to reach out to potential consumers who are either online or very close to them. The internet is a very broad umbrella that encompasses a lot of different concepts such as ecommerce, web 2.0, and digital media; these concepts, when combined, provide the means by which marketers bring their ideas to consumers, who may then consider purchasing those ideas or products. When marketing is considered in this context, there are several concepts that lend themselves to marketing strategies. One of these is the concept of brand image. Brand image is basically what consumers see or feel about a product or a company as a whole. Knowing the psychology of brand images can greatly improve your ability to successfully market to customers because as human beings, we naturally relate to what we see in a photograph or on a film with an image.

Another concept that is related to marketing myopia is that of concept extraction. Concept extraction simply means getting the most from all the information that you have about your potential customers. For example, if you know very little about the history of a product concept, your marketing strategy will fail if you do not take the time to research it. This concept cannot be generalized because every individual has their own unique perspective about certain products or services. Therefore, if you want to be successful, you need to be very aware of the things that you need to know in order for your marketing strategy to work successfully.