The Meaning of Designing

A design is a pattern or blueprint for the formation of a certain structure or object or even for the practical execution of such a structure or object, or the end result of which pattern or blueprint is formed. The word design derives from the Greek word meaning ‘to form’. This design can also be described as the procedure of forming together with adequate material the complex and varied parts of any existing structure, in order to meet definite needs. In engineering, design is used to refer to the process by which a particular design is produced by a process of generation of its corresponding parts, which are then put together to form the final design. The term design in engineering also refers to the set of rules or principles on which the specific output is produced, and these rules are used to control the overall process of production.


Designing, just like the other aspects of the creative process requires a certain amount of creativity. However, it is not necessary that a designer must be a great artist or sculptor to come up with good designs. On the contrary, one who is skilled in using his or her mind and his or her creativity in the right way may be able to create designs that are truly pleasing to the eye, interesting to see, and usable in practical life. It takes creativity coupled with the ability to think logically about the best way to arrange, incorporate, and control the various elements in a given design to achieve a good design. Creativity coupled with knowledge about the workings of the computer can help the designer to produce efficient designs, but it is still necessary for him or her to follow a certain set of rules in order to produce a design that will be of use.

One way of approaching the problem of designing is to view it as a kind of problem solving exercise. In this way, you do not have to worry too much about what the final design will look like because you can design it first and then fix anything that does not fit into the original idea. In effect, designers do not have to worry too much about delivering meaning in their designs because they already know what the meaning of the final product will be. Sometimes, designers use geometric shapes and basic shapes in their layouts because these shapes convey the right meaning to their audiences easily.