What Does Techno Mean?

Tech is one of the fastest growing fields in today’s economy. Technological change is constantly challenging traditional methods and forcing businesses to adapt new technology. The rapid pace of change means that many jobs are in danger of being eliminated, and even some that are not at risk now may be at risk down the road. Therefore, those who are involved in technology need to understand the value of their position and how to position themselves for the changes tech bring.


One way that companies like Microsoft change and impact society is through the creation of a Techno Industry. Techno industries are made up of people who use technologies in all different aspects of their lives. This includes information technology, computer technology, multimedia technology, software engineering, web technology, and more. The term Techno industry was coined by John Gilmore, a Productivity Consultant, who started the annual Search & Gaming Expo to address these issues and provide information to the public on the future of technology. Gilmore believed that if companies like Microsoft and others could combine their interests, create a collective pool of specialists, and share information, then technology would benefit everyone.

Currently, there are many technologists who work at companies like Microsoft. They use technologies to develop software for clients. Software companies like Microsoft also contribute to the industry by hiring professionals like software engineers, virtual designers, database administrators, programmers, network specialists, and other specialists. It is very likely that this trend will continue to grow into a large and varied tech sector over the coming years and generations.